Citizens Union of the City of New York
Board of Directors

Citizens Union is a 501c4 organization that advances legislation to improve our government and political system and conducts evaluations of candidates for city and state offices.

Randy M. Mastro, Chair
Luis Garden Acosta, Vice Chair
Lorna B. Goodman, Vice Chair
Nancy Bowe, Treasurer
Christina R. Davis, Secretary
Tony Perez Cassino
Penelope L. Christophorou
Curtis Cole
Allan H. Dobrin
Ester R. Fuchs, Ph.D.
John R. Horan
Robert M. Kaufman
Ian L. Kelley
Eric S. Lee
Gena Lovett
Malcolm MacKay
Antonio Magliocco, Jr.

Anthony S. Mattia
Gary P. Naftalis
Tom Osterman
Alan Rothstein
Kenneth Seplow
Peter J.W. Sherwin
Gregory Silbert
Jason Stewart
Edward C. Swenson
Cindy VandenBosch
David Wang

Citizens Union Foundation
Board of Directors

The Citizens Union Foundation is a 501c3 organization that conducts in-depth research on public policy, provides information to the public, and promotes public policy solutions.  

Randy M. Mastro, Chair
Honorable Robert Abrams, President
Luis Garden Acosta, Vice Chair
Judi Rappoport Blitzer, Vice Chair
Richard Briffault, Vice Chair
Grace Lyu Volckhausen, Vice Chair
Nancy Bowe, Treasurer
Christina R. Davis, Secretary
Kenneth W. Austin
John P. Avlon
Monica Azare
Anthony Crowell
Gail Erickson
Nicole Gordon 

George S. Kaufman 
Robert M. Kaufman
Shekar Krishnan
Gena Lovett
Anthony Magliocco, Jr.
Juanita Scarlett
Frederick Schaffer
Peter J.W. Sherwin
Anthony R. Smith
Hector Soto
Marjorie B. Tiven